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Simpat Beshirian was born and raised in the neighboring areas of Los Angeles. Being surrounded and captivated by art throughout his childhood, he dreamed of becoming an animator. In pursuit of his goal, Simpat began to practice and advance in graphic design. After having gained significant experience as a graphic designer, Simpat found himself with an increased passion for cinematic art and Special Effects. Simpat has had a lifelong interest in the production of horror films. He was always fascinated by the creation of gore and monsters, so every Halloween he applied theatrical makeup on friends. Through numerous referrals and compliments it quickly became evident that Simpat possessed great talent and creativity. The horror genre has served as a monumental inspiration throughout his life and has continually fueled his desire to pursue a career in Special Makeup FX. Wanting to excel in the field, Simpat attended Cinema Makeup School in Hollywood, CA, where he was certified in all aspects of Makeup, FX and Digital Character Design. Upon completion, he has worked on various projects including feature films, short films, webisodes, commercials, music videos, editorial and still photography.


  • Make-up: Special makeup effects, character makeup, Beauty/High Fashion/Fantasy/Avant Garde Design, light hairstyling, faux hair applications, body paint, tattoo, airbrush and design.
  • Lab Tech: Sculptor (Chavant, WED and Super Sculpty), Mold Maker (Silicone, 1630, fiber-glass, ultracal and hydrocal) foam runner (open pour and injection), Seaming, life casting, Dental Appliances
  • Digital Character Design: character concept projected through imagery programs.
  • High Definition/RED Camera Effects Specialist: Working with high definition is much different than working with Standard Definition. Much more detail is needed to get the correct effect and feel.  These days everyone wants to shoot high definition.  Using a combination of the right make-up/special effect and high resolution cameras can create very spectacular results.



 A NEED FOR BLOOD- short film 11/2014

  • Department head of Special FX, props and wardrobe.
    Also created various molds.

Bound X Blood – Feature film 7/2014 – 10/2014

  • Special FX department head and created various props.
    Conceptual design for characters as well as mask fabrication and construction of various molds.
    In lab and on set full time.


  • Mold fabrication.


  • Custom Corpse fabrication for editorial.


  • Special FX department head of annual Haunted House.


  •  Designed a Special FX Make up for the summer issue.


  •  Fabricated masks for band members.

TINSLEY STUDIOS/ Lab Tech     12/2011

  •  Assisted in Making Various molds and Castings for the Movie RIDDICK 3.


  • Make up Department at Call of Duty XP 2011 Los Angeles, Replicting face paints from Call of Duty: Black ops

TINSLEY STUDIOS, Lab Tech 8/2011

  • Assisted in making Matrix molds and props for “American Horror Story”.

CRISIS FX, Lab Tech 4/2011

  • Created props such as edible chains, break away bottles for MTVs “Death Valley”.

ALL SET PRODUCTIONS, Prop Maker 2/2011

  • Assisted in fabricating a 12’x 8′ ancient wall for Comedy Central.

CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS, Assistant Makeup Artist 10/2010

  • Applied dirt, sweat and grime to actors also preped them for a photo shoot.

DEFY AGENCY “MODIFICATION”,Sculpter/Mold maker/Special Makeup FX artist 9/2010

  • Sculpted,molded and applied a prosthetic breast for the short film.

EVOKE ENTERTAINMENT “OVERLAP”, Prop Maker, 8/2010 – 9/2010

  • Created a melted corpse rigged with blood tubes for a spurting/spraying effect.

ALL SET PRODUCTIONS, Prop Maker 7/2010

  • Casted and painted elephant tusks out of poly foam with floating armeture wire inside.

Primitive Artists, Make-up Artist/Sculptor 03/2010-06/2010

  • Applied FX make-up for a short film in conjunction SPFX and VFX

Tucson Media Studio /3 Gorillas Moving and Storage 03/2010

  • Replication of a gorilla arm for commercial

Combichrist Rock Band, Make-up Artist 10/2009

  • Applied prosthetic and theatrical makeup for bands members for the Halloween tour “Zombiechrist”.

Evoke Entertainment, “Overlap” Make-up Artist/Sculptor 08/2009 – 10/2009

  • Created various sculptures and molds for a three-stage prosthetic make-up
  • Sculpted dental appliances
  • Responsible for all on-set special make-up effects
  • Rigging blood effects for film.

Ralis FX/Slumdog Virgin, Lab Technician 07/2009

  • Created artificial nipples and replicated pregnant belly for feature film.

Stretch Productions, Make-up Artist 06/2009

  • Assembled multi piece foam latex prosthetics and applied to resemble Susan Boyle

Zman Productions, Make-up Artist/Sculptor 05/2009

  • Pick up shots for previous makeup FX

DEFY AGENCY “DETOX”, Makeup Artist 4/2009

  • Created a full body Meth addicted Vampire makeup using air brush, bald cap and prosthetics for a trailer.

TAPOUT/Skechers Shoes, Make-up Artist 03/2009

  • Make-up artist for Commercial for the Clothing Company TAPOUT.  Footage from the previous TAPOUT commercial was used due to the untimely passing of founder (RIP) a day before the shoot.

LP3 Pictures, Make-up Artist 12/2008

  • Created a middle age Abraham Lincoln for commercial.

Zman Productions, Make-up Artist/Sculptor 11/2008

  • Provided Special make-up FX, using a bald cap and multi piece prosthetic appliances creating a demonic appearance on actress.


TAPOUT, Make-up Artist11/2008

  • Make-up artist for Commercial for the Clothing Company TAPOUT. Applied multi piece prosthetic appliance’s resembling a werewolf to the founder of the company, Charles “MASK” Lewis Jr.


1881 Zombies, Make-up Artist10/2008

  • Provided Special Makeup, blood and gore FX for UCSD thesis film.


XBOX Live, Make-up Artist 10/2008

  • Make-up Artist for XBOXs’ Monster Makeover Episode 1,2 and 5. Applied multi-piece prosthetic appliance’s resembling characters from the games Left 4 Dead and Dead Space., Make-up Artist 09/2008

  • One of two Make-up Artist creating a Frankenstein with prosthetic appliances for an infomercial.

Combichrist, Make-up Artist 08/2008

  • Created a dirty/grimy look for the “Sent to Destroy” music video.


Safe Films, Make-up Artist08/2008

  • Make-up Artist for short film Safe.


Bio Morphs, Steve Wang/Blizzard Entertainment-Star Craft, Assistant 07/2008

  • Assisted on making fiberglass molds, casting up character parts and seaming character and character parts.

Robyn Von Swank/Wicked Swank Photography, Make-up Artist 06/2008

  • Applied high fashion make-up on models for a photo shoot.

All Set Productions, Prop Maker/Sculptor 06/2008

  • Made a 16’ banner of various sized quartz crystals made of translucent urethane resin and 18’ pillar casted from a five-pound rigid foam for a “Secret Arm Deodorant” advertisement.
  • Made a 6’Dia X 2’H cherry pie made out of Styrofoam for the set of “Pushing Daisies”.

Ralis FX, Make-up Artist 05/2008

  • Provided special make-up FX, prop making and painting, character makeup and blood dressing to assist the making of two music videos for a rock band Mortiis.
  • Made one silicone brush up mold and fabricated two masks for a heavy metal band, Slipknot.

Charming Films, Make-up Artist 04/2008-5/2008

  • Worked on full feature SAG film where my daily routine consisted of applying prosthetics, special makeup effects, progressive wounds and character makeup on varies actors. In addition, worked on progressive wounds on a horse, blood dressing and makeup continuity on the set of the movie “The Mojavi Experiment”.

Decker Studios, Sculptor 02/2008-03/2008

  • Made two clay-over pieces on milled foam sculptures.

Spin Trim, Make-up Artist 01/2008

  • Make-up Artist for infomercial product.


The Chamber Haunted House/RALIS FX, Make-up Artist/Sculpter 09/2007-10/2007

  • Assisted in preparing for a haunted house for Halloween
  • Making props and accessorized characters (Cyborg laser eye piece, cyborg body & facial parts and monster hands).
  • Sculpting post-apocalyptic soldier, fish creature, brow/vampire piece, wounds and facial informalities.
  • Created molds utilizing ultracal, silicon and 1630-poly urethane.
  • Creating gelatin and running foam
  • Was one of two key make-up FX artists for the Chamber Haunted House.

RALIS FX, Make-up Artist /Tour Assistant 08/2007

  • Worked in a shop preparing for a rock band tour.
  • Applied Special FX make-up on band mates.
  • Fabrication and painting of bodies and body parts
  • Worked with different poly foams

Almost Human EFX Inc, Intern 07/2007

  • Assisted in making ultracal, 1630 polyurethane and fiberglass molds.
  • Performed fabrication of bodies
  • Sculpted wounds

Hush Restaurant, Make-up Artist 05/2007

  • Make-up artist for a restaurant commercial.


Cinema Make-up School

Master Make-up Course

Digital Character Make-up Design