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Simpat Beshirian was born and raised in the neighboring areas of Los Angeles. Being surrounded and captivated by art throughout his childhood, he dreamed of becoming an animator. In pursuit of his goal, Simpat began to practice and advance in graphic design. After having gained significant experience as a graphic designer, Simpat found himself with an increased passion for cinematic art and Special Effects. Simpat has had a lifelong interest in the production of horror films. He was always fascinated by the creation of gore and monsters, so every Halloween he applied theatrical makeup on friends. Through numerous referrals and compliments it quickly became evident that Simpat possessed great talent and creativity. The horror genre has served as a monumental inspiration throughout his life and has continually fueled his desire to pursue a career in Special Makeup FX. Wanting to excel in the field, Simpat attended Cinema Makeup School in Hollywood, CA, where he was certified in all aspects of Makeup, FX and Digital Character Design. Upon completion, he has worked on various projects including feature films, short films, webisodes, commercials, music videos, editorial and still photography.


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